Credit Analyst

  • The Credit Analyst reports to the Group Credit Control Manager, and his/her role primarily involve assisting the Group Credit Control Manager on assessing the creditworthiness of new or existing credit customers (Individuals or Corporates) to determine the likelihood that they will honour their financial obligations.
  • The Credit Analyst report will be based on evaluating the applicants’ past financials, credit history, earnings information and as well as any history of credit default using a range of criteria including credit viability, customer payment history, customer creditworthiness and market status/trends. Such information will help in determine the customer financial health, the risk level, and the customer ability to repay our companies.
  • The Credit Analyst will support his/her report with credit score table where ratios such as Liquidity, Solvency, Profitability, Efficiency, and Cashflow will play a big role on determining the scoring result.
  • The Credit Analyst will submit his/her report regarding each credit application to the Group Credit Control Manager to decide whether the customers’ current financial position allows them to meet their financial obligations.
  • The Credit Analyst is also responsible on reviewing the group credit portfolio and limits of our existing customers and will be in-charge to alert the Group Credit Control Manager regarding potential credit risk and credit default.
  • Bahraini Candidates preferred
Job Category: Account Management Credit Analyst
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bahrain

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