Asst Manager – Infrastructure Support

1. Job Purpose

  • Ensure that Network and IT Infrastructure are secured and operated smoothly.
  • Supporting the Company main Datacenter, Disaster Recovery Center and Telecommunications including network connectivity.
  • Handle helpdesk support relating IT infrastructure and users for the main office and all branches.
  • Recommending innovative and digitalized solutions to improve efficiency, productivity, and customer service.
  • Implementation of IT governance program.
  • Ensure adherence to the leading regional insurance provider IT/information security policies, standards, and procedures by implementing technical, administrative, and physical controls.

2. Primary Duties Performed
Oversee daily operations relating to IT Infrastructure and Supports as follows:

  • Responsible for IT Infrastructure (Data Center and Network) and desktop support.
  • Manage and implement IT projects relating to IT Infrastructure and cybersecurity
    following Project Management Methodology best practices.
  • Handle IT related projects implementations.
  • Develop documented projects scope of work.
  • Looking after and resolve helpdesk tickets relating to IT Infrastructure and desktop
    support within the agreed turnaround time/deadlines.
  • Study, analyze and document business requirements and recommend solutions to IT in charge.
  • Explore digital technologies and innovative solutions.
  • Ensure that Main Datacenter and Disaster Recovery are in a healthy state and properly
  • Handle Capacity/Hardware Resources management and Planning.
  • Monitor the security and performance of IT Infrastructure and Networks. Report
    observations to IT in charge.
  • Assist in managing IT procurements and payments.
  • Ensure compliance to the defined IT policies and standard operating procedures.
  • Maintain and oversee IT licenses to ensure full compliance.
  • Recommend IT licenses cost optimization.
  • Maintain IT inventories.
  • Handle backup process in the most effective way.
  • Maintain IT related consumables such as printer toners and consumable parts.
  • Plan and manage the migration to the cloud platforms.
  • Ensure that business units are provided with the required level of technical support.
  • Review and recommend updates on the technical and operational documentations and
    manuals relating to infrastructure and desktop support.
  • Implement the deployment of new software and system patches.
  • Ensure prompt actions in case of any showstoppers.
  • Handle annual renewals of all Annual Maintenance Contracts relating to IT Infrastructure and recommend changes to IT in charge.
  • Ensure compliance with signed Service Level Agreements relating to IT Infrastructure.
  • Comply with IT department’s policies and procedures and report any breach to the IT
    Department in charge.
  • Prepare report reflecting the status of projects/tasks/critical issues relating to IT Infrastructure on a weekly and/or monthly basis and present it to IT in charge.
  • Recommend annual objectives of the IT Infrastructure and Desktop Support in line with IT strategy and present it to IT in charge.
  • Oversee and lead the IT Infrastructure and Desktop Support team.
  • Recommend training courses for the IT Infrastructure and Desktop Support team.
  • Review performance of the IT Infrastructure and Desktop Support team twice a year and present it to IT in charge.
  • Advise IT in charge of any significant IT developments particularly in respect of IT
  • Keep updated with technical as well as industry sector developments.
  • Keep updated with Cyber Risk in term of attaches and preventive solutions.
  • To undertake special projects / assignments / tasks as may be required and directed by
    the company from time to time.
  • Perform other IT related duties assigned by IT in charge.
  • Meet with the company’s SLA and ensure that RCAs are defined, and permanent solutions are implemented.
  • Ensure IT security compliance to the regional insurance provider information security policies and regulatory mandates.
  • Review of critical security patches for critical systems.

3. Secondary Duties Performed

  • Handle any other duties as required to support other departments of the organization.

4. Work & Business Contacts


Maintain close interaction with the regional insurance provider employees and management.


Maintain close interaction with software vendors, hardware vendors, suppliers, and consulting firms.

Division / Department: Information Technology

Incumbent Reports to: Senior Manager- Information Technology