Digital & Marcom Marketing Manager

Roles & Responsibilities:

▪ Building the brand as a leader in the Fintech industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain

▪ Setting the Marketing strategy and PR strategy and operational plan of the company

▪ Setting up the communication channels and social media platforms

▪ Hands on experience and to digital marketing and use of social media

▪ Developing the communication material and brand elements

▪ Developing the features and user experience of the e-wallet and mobile application

▪ Optimizing the user experience for existing products and services

▪ Setting up a communication channel with the merchants’ network

▪ Ensure consumer voice is heard to products, sales, operations, and executive management

▪ Build, coach, and lead marketing dept.

▪ Market segmentation, and identifying niche verticals

▪ Customer retention plans, and customer engagement.

▪ CAC responsibility.

▪ Responsible for marketing campaign ROI

▪ Ability to analyse consumer behaviour

▪ Ability to use analytical solutions to track user experience.

▪ Design and manage the loyalty program.

Qualifications & Skills:

▪ 6 to 10 years’ experience

▪ BSc in Marketing or Business Administration

▪ Time management skills and planning skills

▪ Ability to build rapport

▪ Worked in service industry with high subscriber growth targets

▪ At least 1-3 years of experience motivating and leading teams

▪ Experienced in digital products and mobile app marketing

▪ Ability to structure and scope complex problems and apply a range of analytical tools to

develop solutions

▪ Excellent end-to-end problem-solving skills and ability to prioritize issues and analysis